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ES REBOST was incorporated in 2012 with the intention of creating a chain of restaurants and cafés focussing on the promotion of 'lo nostro', of our culture and the most emblematic Mallorcan products. ES REBOST was created by Helena Bennassar and Helmut Clemens, a couple settled in Binissalem, with the help of an investor who fell in love with this island. While Helena takes care of the interior design of the premises, Helmut acts as Managing Director of the company. Nowadays we face a worldwide homogenization in the gastronomic sector. ES REBOST swims against this trend using local and organic produce. We want to be an island of authenticity, of sense of place within a sea of homogenization. Our goal is that locals feel identified with the Mallorcan feeling that ES REBOST exudes and that foreigners enjoy our localness, our uniquely and typically Mallorcan products. At the same time we pretend to be a platform for our magnificent Mallorcan artisans and purveyors, contributing to their promotion.


Helmut is an international hotelier with over 30 years of experience in some of the best hotels in the world. Since 2004, he has been working, developing hotel projects and travelling around the world analyzing and valuing high quality hotels and restaurants. As he was travelling all over the world he realized that what we mainly lack is a sense of place. One morning you wake up and realize that you can't really tell where you are, as all the labels and shops are the same. For this reason, ES REBOST intends to counteract this tendency by giving importance to what really matters: local products, local customs. Therefore, Helmut focuses on being in contact with the artisans, producers and their traditions. In this way, working together, they produce a range of products which are a perfect reflection of our most authentic and traditional environment, giving importance to authenticity.


ES REBOST's mission is to be a catalyst for our natural environment and cultural heritage by channelling local flavours and traditions through every bite, the service, the decoration and the atmosphere of our premises”


ES REBOST's strategic plan foresees the creation of up to four premises in Palma and surroundings, becoming a landmark in town. Secondly, an expansion to other countries is expected and by 2019 we intend to operate half a dozen restaurants. After that we shall continue growing with the help of our investors and our employees, never compromising on our ethical values and seriousness, ensuring ROI to the prior and stability and promoting opportunities to the latter. At the same time, we intend to be a promoting platform for all the local artisans and producers we have the pleasure to work with.

Our values

ES REBOST’s mission is to catalyse our local traditions. We create a sense of place using sensory stimulation, enhanced through our values, those that guide us day after day. We have summarized these values in the anagram H.A.C.E.R. ('to do' in English).


We are honest, decent, careful, reasonable, and fair in everything we do and with everybody we work with, our employees, suppliers and artisans, as well as our partners and customers. We consider ourselves trustworthy and we like to transfer this honesty through the product, the way we deal with our customers and the atmosphere found in ES REBOST.


At ES REBOST we strive for authenticity in our products and services. Our service is friendly, polite and helpful and our products are of the highest quality, locally sourced and produced by artisans who treat their products in the same careful way as we do. The authenticity is part of our personality, providing distinction from our competitors and for our customers in search for a local experience. At ES REBOST we offer an extra bit of Mallorcan flavour.


Quality is quite complicated to value as it depends on each person's benchmark. What is true is, that if we are able to exceed people's expectations, we are offering quality. If we are not able to do so, then our guests' quality perception of our product or service is put in doubt. At ES REBOST we take this aspect seriously. It features in every detail, which ranges from the selection of our suppliers, to the customer service, as well as the product manufacturing and our restaurants' decoration. In the short term this may damage our profitability, but in the long term it will definitely contribute to our survival in the sector.


We endeavour to promote and show our respect for local products, for 'lo nostro'. We want to light a wick to get everybody on board of our mission, which supports the primary and secondary local sectors. Thus, we aim to keep our traditions and local culture safe as well as shove our enthusiasm with all our customers.


We understand the word respect as a special consideration towards something or someone. Our philosophy is based on the mutual respect to every single person that is part of our business: employees, artisans, purveyors as well as our partners and customers. The respect towards our employees and our goal to satisfy them are an essential part of our daily commitments as we are more than convinced that only happy and appreciated staff are able to transmit the happiness to and respect for our customer for the latter to feel welcome, valued and appreciated. Therefore, in the first place we care about our employees' well-being and comfort. This directly relates to the prosperity of our business in the long run. A virtuous circle where all stakeholders benefit.