Licensed Partnership

Gastronomic solutions of one of the most beautiful islands in the world


In your licensed ES REBOST Restaurant - Tapas - Cafe - Bar you propose your customers much more than a sensational food and beverage experience all day long. Planning and raving about your next/passed trip to Mallorca will soon be unthinkable for your guests without ES REBOST.

Authentic interior design, the best, hand-picked Mallorcan artisan purveyors, excellent logistics and a continuous support from ES REBOST head-office in Palma will be at your fingertips once you decide to unfold your potential with us.

Restaurant - Tapas - Cafe - Bar

Surprise your customers with the most authentic, fresh and top-quality food, drink and atmosphere that Mallorca offers


  • Become your local Mallorca-Community Meeting Point
  • Offer the best, freshly brewed coffee and tea
  • Offer premium food prepared with the best Mallorcan ingredients
  • Make your preferred holiday destination into your business venture
  • Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the best Mallorca has to offer

Es Rebost offers

  • An authentic interior design based on materials made by Mallorca’s best artisans
  • A well-defined food and beverage offering, equipment, training and backup
  • Purveyors exclusive to ES REBOST
  • A stunning range of merchandise
  • Training session in your premises as well as in Mallorca allowing for in-depth knowledge of our island, our products and standards
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