For the preparation of our dishes we select the best products from farmers and producers in the Balearic Islands, such as vegetables, fruits, cold cuts, sausages, cheese and bread. We combine culinary traditions and simple cooking procedures to create dishes that live of the quality and origin of their ingredients. The result is a typical Mallorcan and delicious gastronomic offer served in a welcoming and authentic atmosphere.


Our recipes follow typical culinary traditions from Mallorca. Plates that have existed over generations: Escalivada, tumbet, trempó, pambolis, cuttlefish, sobrassada croquetes, frit mallorquí, ensaïmada, gató... Discover the true mallorcan gastronomy! To eat in our restaurants or to take home, as you prefer.


We also have a wide variety of breakfast offers, with the best selection of freshly made bakery and pastries, fresh seasonal fruit, homemade yogurts and a selection of toasts and sandwiches, both sweet and salty. To accompany us we offer natural juices and coffees and teas from our local suppliers Marabans and 2Alquemistas. Come by and try one of our breakfast combos and start the day with energy!


Beyond gastronomy we have many other traditional elements in our premises, designed and produced in Mallorca. From the fabric of our seats from Teixits Vicens to the handmade glass lamps from Gordiola, we always prioritise the island's crafts in order to promote and preserve the cultural traditions that they entail.